Gua Sha Facial Tool


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Deep-seated with good energies, the Gua Sha is an instrument of balancing vibrations created to make your routine sacred. The accompanying beauty oil is a gentle partner to provide that smooth comfort for every curve on your face.

The curious case of the emerald tool: The elegant piece of Jade helps with pressure points that relieve and condition muscles, while also reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system; but “let us count the ways” below.


Benefits of Gua Sha:


​▪​Attain brighter, radiant and healthier skin.

​▪​Cells are activated and skin regains elasticity

​▪​Clearing of clogged pores, reduce pore size

​▪​Detoxifies skin

​▪​Enhances absorption ability for skin care and makeup products

​▪​Uplifts sagging skin to become firmer

​▪​Improve skin cell growth and renewal

​▪​Reduced insomnia

​▪​Iron out fine lines and wrinkles

​▪​Promotes blood circulation

​▪​Release of stress


The Experience:

Before you begin, look in the mirror and identify all of the qualities you like about yourself, and while you’re there, pinpoint the areas where you would prefer more oil deposits on your skin (it makes a great reference for highlight placement). Close your eyes and feel the contours of your face, in an intimate dance between you and your skin.

You'll also get a mini "Las Florés" oil serum made with Rose Otto and Palma Rosa, the beauty oil adds the sensorial experience to the tactful indulgence of the Gua Sha, and helps lubricate the skin to soften and glide seamlessly, for a full circle feel-good-moment.

Beauty Tips:

Before you begin your Gua Sha ritual, start by removing your makeup, followed by a good and thorough cleanse. You don't want to rub any residue into your skin during the massage. 


The Ritual: A beautiful  step-by-step ‘how to gua sha’ guide 


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100% Jade